Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bring it on 2011

I was supposed t update this space w/ outfit posts etc, but I think I'm prolly moving back almost permanently. Bye bye 2010.

2010 was a great year(minus the studying) & here's pretty much the overview of what I did:

I started the year w/ a class chalet. 09S22 you guys are awsuumeeezxz \m/. Caught and lost the Korean craze(Almost instantaneously), danced at x58463131730359 events, failed project Agape, OGL-ed a group of crazy kiddos w crazy partners, P.S. I silk you w WR, involved in Chingay as a motivator, got back my love for Haagen Dazs(the best ice-cream in thaaa world yo), got a C for my A levels Chinese(really horrifying I honestly thought I would do better), flunked my CTs, ANTI-DRUGS Danceworks! 2010 competition w/ thezzz best dancemates in thaaa world, bought too many accessories, got attached to the BEST boy in tha world:-D, A for PW, climbed the schl gate for the first time & got caught-.-, stopped going to schl late, got my BB, my baby got his BB(couple BB!!!) overused my polaroid cam, Masquerade, became an ultimate topshop fan, got a twitter and a FS acc, virgin trip to Marina Barrage for some Kite-flying day, virgin trip to Marina Bay Sands skypark, bought too many shoes, prelims, took my As, got my first pair of JCs, went to Spain & London, planned an amazing race for lzy, awesome xmas w ggfs & dudes, virgin Flyer trip, fixing a 1000 piece jigsaw.

My year has pretty much been really awesome, thanks to the people w/ me, esp lzy, yz, wr, ggfs, dancers, 09s22, my family, etc. Thanks for making my year awesome guys. \m/


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