Sunday, January 30, 2011


Cny is coming, I'm not exactly eggxited, but I am a happy girl! I hv a full list of things to do now, before CNY. I really hope I complete them on time.

  1. Create my outfits!!!!!!!!!! I need t knw wht t wear on cny eve, day 1, 2 and 3! I'm really excited, I lovveeeee dressing up!
  2. Find a temporary job for February! Hopefully I can find one that only lasts for like a month for now? I don't wna work like office hours and all.......
  3. Call up the person for the Tiger thing! (OMG I'm so fated w/ Tiger alrdy... WHY LIKE THT. Maybe next time I work there)
  4. GO TO TANGJONG PAJAR (Hopefully tmr mrng if I can get up) t submit my time sheettttttttt FOR $$$. & meet yz for lunch or sth(I haven't exactly told her yet...)
  5. Visit my work mates @ red hill sns tmr hopefully?! Miss them!
  6. Buy polaroid filmzxzsxzss online x23783562072 boxes. I over use them but nw I hv none wtsssss? :-( My polaroid cam's been really lonely.....
  7. Tell Alan (my ex tutor) that I don't wna do his typing job alrdy....... oh shittttt.
  8. Eat durians. HELLO LISA. Chinatwn for our business + durians sn.
  9. Re-paint my nails. They're so freaking horrible. Maybe I shld just go for a manicure... NAH. I shall just paint w/ my fake opi. HAH. I bought it at a flea k, didn't knw it was fake. DON'T JUDGE:-(
  10. GO OUT W/ MY LOVER BOY! He's been watching himym:-( whoever who introduced tht shw t him, oh pls shoot yourself:-( He's gna spend the last few days before army watching it. BABY HELLO WE GTA HANG OUT. LIKE NAOOOOOWwwwww(w for whine)

2/2/11: 3, 4, 7 alrdy done! Doing 9 now (wht a procastinator I knwww). For 6, I only bought one box... I shall do 1 tmr when I hv t dress up...


Wish me luck!

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