Monday, February 14, 2011

562 -> 523 FB friends

I deleted a lot of people on fb tht Idk. Sorry guys! You either hv too many friends, too little mutual friends, too many girls as your friends, no friends but I'm like one of the 8(wtf Ikr) but I don't know you or I can't fucking remember your face. Or maybe I just don't like you. (SHHHHH)


Anyway, here was my Valentines. I got a call from LZY! My sweetie pie! He's in camp now so he can't call me but his officer(so niceeee) let the boys call their gfs on v day! So nice right I knw... After that, I met up w/ princess for Frolick + KFC + Spotlight + Daiso + lots of laughter & embarrassing stunts.
Overall, although ZY was in army, V day was well-spent:-) Psst zy, we celebrate belated v day k! Run + train + idk wht else you guys do in there hard! LOVE YA.


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