Saturday, February 05, 2011

I abuse film

I know its CNY, but that doesn't stop me from wearing... Black! Other than day 1, I wore black every other day.

He brought oranges hehehe, so cute:-)

Chu san, we went t Sentosa! Walked there, but it rained just when we just reached the beach:-( Wasn't the first time it rained when we went t the beach:-( But oh well, had dinner + lots of fun w/ zy. W/ him its always fun:-) Love you baby!!!

Hello boys! I really like this picture, maybe its bcs we are all smiling so widely?! :-D Big mouths FTW!!!

ZY's going in army tmr:-( & I can't send him in:'( I need t be strong!!!!!! PLEASE BE SAFE IN THERE DUDE!!! Don't crash and don't kay kiang. YOUR HEALTH STATEMENT WHEN YOU'RE 40 and above AND YOUR SAFETY IS THE MOST IMPT. Take care of yourself. I'm gna miss you:-(


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