Tuesday, February 08, 2011

What's inside my wardrobe?

Cleared my wardrobe, picked out what I want to seel at FLB (more or less). So I decided to do a blog post on what's in my wardrobe. Idk why I thought this would be interesting as a post but I blogged anyway.

Before. I hv so much shit in my cupboard. I don't even wear half of those clothes anymore. I totally need to pick some more clothes out to sell. Some are brand new.
& the aftermath of me fussing over which pieces to keep and which not to, deciding where to put the bags and how to categorise my clothes
Cards section.
Bags + cameras + hat
J'adore + Kitty Lip Balm + Rings
Hair accessories + deodorant

So, what's inside your wardrobe?


  1. Anonymous3:05 am

    Lol so you don't keep your Bra and panties in your wardrobe?

  2. :O Actually... I don't wear them!!! Muahaahah kidding:-) They're somewhere else!