Friday, February 18, 2011

You reap what you sow. Really?

Sometimes I feel like I'm being taken for granted. Whatever I do is what I'm supposed to be doing, whatever I say is supposed to be nice. I never expect to get anything in return when I do things for people but I never feel appreciated. Most of the times, I do things bcs I feel it would make the person happier and that it would be a nice gesture. So, more often than not, I do things like making cards, planning birthday parties, buying small gifts (if I see its appropriate), or even buying drinks/food on the way to meet people, or supporting/accompanying when anyone is sad etc. Whatever it is, if I could make someone happy I think I would do it. But doesn't anyone out there ever notice I'm doing it bcs sometimes, just once, twice would do, I would really like someone to do it back to me? I try so fucking hard in hopes that people will have happy memories, good memories, memories which you'll come back to and remember you were happy and you had a good time back in the 'good ole days'. To everybody, I'm probably just there, exactly like a chameleon, camouflaged so well in the background and only coming out when I'm needed you. I do my best in pleasing people. But why doesn't anyone even bother to try and please me? No, not please me, just appreciate me. Or wait. Am I doing something wrong?

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