Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 things I did tonight

1. Sent my baby off to Pasir Ris camp<3 what a sweetheart he was:-) he always is:-) anyway, our 11 month than a year anniversary is coming!!! I know this anniversary kinda shit is really gay but... Can't wait!!! I miss him alrdy:-(

2. I fucking ate durian. Omg HELL YEAH it was awesome. The smell, was like great, the taste, everything! The durian meat sinking into my mouth, fuck man, I need more of that dope shit soon! Baby!!!!!!! You hear me? :-) I am gna learn how to choose durian!!! Thn I won't get cheated:-) yay t me!

3. Booked Lion King tickets (finally!) B reserve, 12 April, stall right. I'm satisfied w/ the seats. I expect a spectacular performance, nothing less from what I saw in London:-) it is gna be a great, great experience! I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD!!! Baby (if you're reading), I know you're kinda sceptical abt the show and I really hope that you will be able to enjoy it as much as I did the first time I caught it<3 I really did enjoy the show so much, so much so when I heard it was coming to singapore I insisted on catching it agn! Yay to us baby! We're catching the show!!! Awesome (Y)

4. Finally decided to pick up driving (auto). I actually was talked into it. Okay... My dad kinda forced me into it. Its not that bad I guess, since my friends are all either w/ their license or taking their license. Everyone is telling me how easy it is and all, so I don't have to worry, esp since I'm taking auto, but I still can't help but worry...

Dad: You better hurry go take up driving!
Me: uh, why?
Dad: What if you fail?! A lot of people fail one leh! (Yeah 'a lot' particularly meaning my type of person)

Wish me luck, fingers crossed x

5. As for the 5th thing I did this evening, I blogged:-) enough said!

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