Monday, March 14, 2011

Botanic gardens

It was NUS open house first for two talks, followed by lunch at Clementi market. I can eat rojak any day man. Its my favourite food and I am always completely sold when I see the rojak stall (and if its open).

Baby had prawn mee:-) & he gave me a lot of prawns lor.
After eating, we wanted to catch Rango in town, but then there were no good movie timings after checking online, so we dropped off at Botanic Gardens instead:-)
I love this picture! (above^)
I hv become a complete camwhore, all thanks to my Nikon:-) I was afraid I wouldn't like my camera initially, but I was proved wrong! Glad i bought it.
Anyway, Lzy went in ytd for his field camp alrdy can't wait for him to be out! Miss him:-( I am such a lazy bone, I've been slacking the whole day - slping, eating, watching a lot of tv. I will start erm, exercising!!! But when is another problem! I HAVE BECOME A TV ADDICT, I need t watch tv nao! BYE xx

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