Tuesday, March 15, 2011


During birthdays, you get presents for people, you receive presents. But what makes a thoughtful present? The time and effort spent on a present - hunting for a present, choosing what is suitable, finding out what a person wants. I don't think I've put in enough effort into all the presents I've given people. Its hard to do everything well and perfect everything. A present I'd rly appreciate is a hand-made, heart-felt card. I've received many cards frm my friends and of course boyfriend <3 I love all of them, but besides cards, you can get presents that are thoughtful as well.

Here's one of the most thoughtful presents, I've received from my classmates:-) thanks to wenrong and yizhen! I'm going overseas in a few months time, and this trench coat I'm definitely gna bring:-) its gna keep me warm and I'm gna rmb sg thanks to wr and yz:-) I rly see the thought coming into the present and I rly appreciate it a lot. They got me an instax a year ago as well. (Y) Talk about thoughtfulness.

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