Thursday, March 17, 2011

Topshop, Jeffrey Campbell, Sam Edelman, Dolce Vita

Sam Edelman - Kendall

Idk what is it about this pair of shoes that draws me. Buy a pair for me? Help yourself:

Jeffrey Campbell: Skate, Elegant fur

Skate looks absolutely devilish. I want a pair........... Besides the fact that they are alrdy sold out, 219 usd is definitely not of my calibre.

Elegant fur is sweet. All my flats now do not deserve to get worn out.

Dolce Vita: Marcela

This is the most affordable pair of shoes out of the bunch. & its equivalent in terms of style. If I start working, I am definitely gna get a pair of these:-)

Topshop: Love the last pair most.

Buy for me?
Topshop size 37, JC size 6.5, SE size 6.5
thx in advance xx

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