Wednesday, March 23, 2011


HI MY BLOG IS GETTING BORING. I rly wish I can update with interesting posts. Anyway, here's a recap of my weekend.
Met up w/ Olly, who's now a flute teacher. Anybody needs a flute teacher? :D Hahaha, anyway, caught up and she's gotten so pretty!!! I need to stop snacking alrdy:-(
Cold Rock @ Orchard Central first w/ Isabel.
Then it was random walking around in Ion, before meeting Jolene and Yulenda for dinner.
Stalking people...Caught red-handed!!!
Lots of cam-whoring.
Happy Lemon Drink!
Jolene and Yulenda came for dinner.
We had a great spread and it was super worth it! I suggest going when its not so crowded bcs when its not so crowded they are more capable of delivering even better quality food.
Sat at a random place in Heeren to chill. We R gangsterZ. Loads of cam whoring** ALERT.
Love my werewolf dress!
I need a job soon!

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