Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wenrong + durian + lzy

=Love! Had Korean food after a rly long time. Audrey still has a date w/ me! She's a busy busy girl! Then it was my hse for earth hour + mdeal (how lame Ikr), before durians @ chinatown. Awesome! We bought some home (below)!!! Zy got some for my family:-) How sweet!
Had a blast. :-)


I'm not in the best of moods now. Idk why, I feel uneasy, I feel insecure, I feel like crap. Idk why I'm feeling this way, I know I shouldn't be feeling this way, but I can't help but think, can't help but let my mind wonder. I shld just quit it now, but Idk. If shitty was an expression, I'm feeling shitty.

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