Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Genting w/ the girls (III)

Hello earthlings!!!

Finally, the 3rd part of the Genting trip! This includes in the second day and two pictures of the 3rd day. HAHAHAHAHA, we took a whole lot of pictures on the 1st day... Ikr!!!

Pictures credit to Isabel and Jolene. All stolen from FB.

Our Breakfast! Dim Sum! I wish I could live everyday like this.

Then it was the outdoor theme park! No pictures for most of the rides we took bcs our cameras were in the locker.

Lunch. Sucked. Stupid counter girl...

Space shot. Looks scary, but isn't.

Ferris wheel!

Go Kart. I used to hate taking go kart. Actually this time at Genting, it was my first time I took the go kart. HAHAHAAH. Shhhhh don't tell.

Then we left for dinner at mogu yuan. weeee! Thn no more photos bcs everybody so lazy and we were packing!

Last day. Cui maxxx.

I wna go on a holiday soon! London please!!! :-(


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