Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Here's a glimpse into my shoes. The 3 pairs of shoes that are missing are my Coverse schl shoes, Asics track/court shoes and Haivanas. :-)

My latest addition to the collection: Dr. Martins. Weeeee!!!

Selling these 9 pairs. From Shosone(Korean website), C&K, Mitju, blogshop, F21 and the ankle booties are from Switzerland.

Sizing of the shoes from left to right.
Top: 37(runs a little big), 36(runs super big, fits a small 38), 37, 37, 235(small 37)
Bottom: 37, US6 (small 37), 37. Selling because I'm going over to Canada soon, can't bring all of them over:-( Please ask for clearer pictures and conditions of shoes!

Quote your best price to: candy_1992@hotmail.com

OR leave a comment here.

Thanks. xx

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