Monday, June 20, 2011

Day 13

Day 13: A date you would love to go on

I am gna write 3 dates I would love to go on, although its clearly stated A date. So.. here are my ideas of a perfect date. Of course money cannot be an issue in any of these cases, which is impossible in the real world.

Date 1, the simple yet expensive date, starts off with a walk in lovely London town. As soon as a quaint little cafe comes by, we'd get English tea/coffee to sip on and perfectly made scones to munch on. We talk and watch the world go by, pointing out attractive passerbys, if any. And as noon nears, we continue our walk through random streets whilst on a hunt for great lunch. (Pls note I am always eating.) After lunch, the walking continues until the afternoon sun goes down. We'll end up at the London Eye (sth like the SGP Flyer) and decide to take a ride, before heading down for dinner at a bloody posh restaurant located in a high end district. A last
minute decision, to go to Piccadilly Circus and catch a musical, maybe, Les Miserables, before heading home to a cosy room with a fireplace. Here we would cuddle and watch comedy shows. Perhaps Mr Bean? A large box of popcorn, a mug of hot chocolate and perhaps candy floss would complete the date:-) The Autumn/Winter season will definitely complement this date very well.

How I wish Singapore had 4 seasons. Its just bloody hot here every month of the year.

Date 2, the anniversary date, goes like this. Imagine its our 2 year anniversary. I'm sure we'd want a few days to ourselves, a short getaway to somewhere else. So we are heading to BINTAN!!!!!!!!! I want this to rly happen come on:-( The rest of the date is filled with Snorkeling, sunbathing and just any other out in the sun activities! Followed by dinner at a seafood restaurant where the food served is of top quality and of absolute value:-) The best kinda date EVER. Good food and fun times, holy mama!!!

Date 3, the rainy day date, (or you can make it seem cold if its not raining by
blasting the air-con). Sit in front of the tv with romance movies or cartoon movies, personally cartoon for me. We'd then built a fort with our blankets and pillows! SO FUN!!!!!!!!! Eat popcorn, drink loadsa soda, and watch the movies on my macbook. For dinner, we'll cook an awful-tasting creamy pasta, I can't cook you see, accompanied with red wine. Perf
ect for a home-made candle-lit dinner. End up ordering pizza because the food's a mess and then eat pizza with the awkward set up of candles which have alrdy burnt out. After that, we will go back to our fort and just laze and laze in the soft sheets, doing practically nothing for the rest of the day. Now, that would be quality time spent together.

Something like that below, but with clothes on... HAHAHA!
LOL My dates. And yes I am that bored and lazy at work to type such a lengthy entry. Am I scaring people away with the large amount of words in an entry? xx

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