Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 14-17

Here are another 4 days thanks to boredom @ work. (Actually, I'm late and these are the days I owe. )

Day 14: Something disgusting you do

I do the usual disgusting stuff normal people do... Like, I dig my nose, I dig my ear, I shit, I pee. I don't think there is anything particularly disgusting I do:-) Unless you mean it figuratively. If so, sometimes I'm a little two faced... To certain people because I don't like them at all!!! But I have to be nice to them??? Idk why I even bother being nice:-( & that is really disgusting:-(

Day 15: The best thing that happened to you this week

The best thing that has happened to me this week hasn't happened YET. Work is boring and aside from swimming ytd at Char's condo, there's really nothing worth mentioning... Wow, my life is boring, BUTTTTTTT THE BEST THING WILL ONLY HAPPEN LATER TODAY/TOMORROW!!! I am gna see LZY tonight!!! And I will be going to Sentosa tomorrow for a full day's worth of activities with my boyfriend! Can't fucking wait! My week always starts off like shit, but ends off rly nicely thanks to LZY. I'm sure if ZY isn't in the army my life would be so much better:-) Today is book out day, book out, book out!!! -chants army song-

Day 16: 3 things you are proud of about your personality

There is nothing I am proud of. I am not humble or what, but I really can't find anything I am proud of. Oh well... There is one... I am very easily contented:-) I've learnt how not to expect too much from anybody. Wna tell me some?

Day 17: Things that make you scared

Butterflies, insects (except small ones I can kill. LOL), the thought of losing people and actually losing them!!! I don't want anybody to leave me:-( I want all my relationship, friendships, familyships etcetc intact please!!! I'll be a good girl please let me keep everybody with me:-)


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