Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 2-5

Hello earthlings,

I've probably missed out like a couple of days and I'm off the 30 days thingy, but here I am again. Posting 5 more days. Short ones, I'm at work;)

2nd: How have you changed in the past 2 years

To me, not much but you know how you can never tell if you yourself have changed. Gotta get someone to check on that for me. But in general, my 2 years were spent in PJC and in PJC, I've gained a whole lot of experience. I've gone through a lot of madness and had a lot of fun. Met LZY, he is the centre of my life right now, I can't do without him. I might collapse. Schl was tiring, lots of mugging, lots of community work (LOLZZZ Ikr, I am a contributor to the fuckin' society! HAHAHAAH), etc. Besides JC stuff, I made a lot of friends, some of them helped me live through my JC life and some just walked right out as soon as they came in. I guess I know who to trust and who not to now. After JC was a lot of hanging out with my ggfs, went to Genting and played a lot. PS my first proper trip to Genting. HAH. IKR. Other than widening my experiences, trying to change my character for the better I guess? Like (OKAY I AM STILL A SPENDTHRIFT BUT...) I have learnt not to spend what I can't and I spend a lot less now. Oi ZY I know you wouldn't believe me but I rly don't spend as much as before. AHHAAHHAHA. Okay abrupt end. Day 3 nao!

3rd: What kind of person attracts you

I'm talking about overall, a person's character and looks. Perhaps someone with perfect manners who can speak a little sarcasm, not egoistic and has to be witty. Someone with good basic grammar, no need for bombastic words. Don't come across as fake or aloof to me. Don't say things you don't intend to do, for e.g. I wanna quit smoking and half a fucking year later you still smoke like a motherfucker. Good looks and dress sense are bonuses +++. This is for guys and girls whom I would like as friends, people that attract me don't necessarily have to be guys only:-)

4th: What you wear to bed

Shorts, a t-shirt. Sometimes I wear pyjamas. Hahahahaha!

5th: 5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex

Disclaimer: this does not apply to everybody pls.

Opposite sex:
1. Really ignorant about a lot of things. Esp girls' feelings.
2. Not gentlemanly/gracious enough. FUCK THIS.
3. Acting all cool. Srsly? I think acting cool makes you look like a joke...
4. Always thinking males are the superior sex. (I am not a feminist but some guys are extremist)
5. Dis-respectfulness. To parents, friends, girlfriends, whatever. I see it, I hate it.

Same sex:
1. Pretentiousness. So fucking pretentious.
2. Wearing slippers with a perfectly nice outfit. Put some effort thanks.
3. Attracting all the fucking attention in the world.
4. Always thinking guys shld pay for them, buy them gifts.
5. Dis-respectfulness. To parents, friends, boyfriends, whatever. I see it, I hate it.

Need to blog with pictures soon! I miss LZY so much:-(


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