Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Brenda V in nude leather, Joes
Zoe Fur, Jeffrey Campbell
Skyroom in Black Perf Suede, Jeffrey Campbell
Pixie in Taupe Suede, Jeffrey Campbell
One O One in Tan Black, Jeffrey Campbell
Gypsy, Jeffrey Campbell
Zag in Distressed Black, Jeffrey Campbell

Yes, its another shoe post. I wna buy JCs and the Joes quite badly, Zag and Gypsy, please come to MAMA!!!

However, there are so many "inspired" shoes out there in blogshops I am so intimidated and I hesitate. I don't want people to think my JCs are from a random blogshop when the actual quality of my shoes are much better and is from the one and only Jeffrey Campbell. My JC 99 are already in blogshops, selling at what, SGD 40 odd? Besides 99, 99 Tie, Foxy, Clark, Tick and Suebee are all already on blogshops for pre-order. And there are more, those are the only ones I can think off hand...

Thanks to the quality of shoes I've bought online @ blogshops so far, outta 5 pairs 4 are dis-satisfactory, I cease buying "XXX inspired" shoes.

Besides that, I also hesitate buying JC shoes because of the price...

JCs usually cost around SGD 200++ and I am a student with earnings machiam peanuts SO no JCs for me:-(

But if you would please, I AM A US 7 (or a 6.5), I would love any of these babies, preferably Zag:-)


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