Sunday, July 03, 2011

5 things I did over the weekend

  1. Booked the Bintan trip, omg I'm damn excited now!!! :-)
  2. Downloaded tons of movies to laze in bed and watch when lzy's over!!!
  3. Had a hell lot of junk food. BK, macs, Bonchon chicken, Astons. Screw diets, I can't live without food.
  4. Wasted a dollar on a stupid machine I shldn't hv tried my luck on... LOL. Kinda like a toy catcher machine, except it was a gadget catcher machine. I let go of the "knob" almost immediately. It was then I realised ok yay, I wasted my one buck. I could hv bought more food at the pasar malam y'knw. (which is the next pt)
  5. Jalan Bukit Merah for Pasar Malam on Sunday. I got a lot of food.
I wanted to upload pictures to my fb and blog but my camera just wouldn't connect to my macbook, I have no idea why:-( Imma try it again though:-) Otherwise, its photobooth pictures for my blog! hahaha!

This week is pretty packed, driving and outings with my friends and mommy, I'm pretty stoked but the money's gna be an issue:-( I hate it when I am running low on cash:-(


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