Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Am I happy?

Yesterday, I asked myself if I were generally happy. I left the post blank although I was quite sure the answer was yes. Today, I almost wanted to revise that answer.

Don't get me wrong, it isn't that I am unhappy. I just feel so stressed most of the times, even now when I am not studying. I shld be like all my other friends, happy and waiting to enter a school university, enjoying the last of my teen years.

But, NO. I have a lot more things to see to thanks to my application to a Canadian university. Just to give you a little glimpse of how hard it is to apply to a university overseas and get everything done, I shall just list out a couple of things I have to do.

  • I applied to 5 universities - some required essays to be written (about the Canadian system (the tax) and how I would be a successful business student)
  • I have to send my school certified true copy O and A Level results slip/certificate over. By certified true copy, I mean I have to go back to NTSS and PJC and get it stamped on every single page (the School Graduation Certificate (SGC) has 8 pages), and you know all the CCA/CIP certificate and stuff, additional 3-4 pages? So imagine me going back to NTSS with 11 pages worth of certificate to stamp to stamp. And the same to PJC.
  • Applied to 3 more universities/college and repeated the process again and again. So went back to NTSS and PJC a couple of times.
  • I also had to get a few teachers to be my guarantor to prove that what I am saying (in the essay) is true.
  • I wait. I wait to get accepted into universities. Got rejected, and rejected again, so heart pain.
  • I got into UVic and UofA
  • Chose UVic over UofA
  • Worried a little about my English Language, applied for TOEFL, but cancelled it bcs the UVic clerk said I didn't have to take it.
  • To accept UVic's offer, I have to send a $200 acceptance deposit over
  • Very suay (unlucky) it was received by the clerks but put under the name of another student bcs they carelessly saw my student number wrong. Had to call them a couple of times just to settle shit like this.
  • Applied for residence. All first year students have guaranteed housing. After waiting for a month, and sending in the $35 residence application deposit, no reply...
  • Emailed the clerk and she said they didn't classify me under a first year guarantee. I had to write to them again, explaining how a JC is not a College, even though it says Junior College. (College students - Polytechnics/diploma holders as in SG, not JC. College students are not given first year guaranteed housing, they have to go through the drawing of lots) STUPID x 1000000000000000000.
  • Finally got my room number.
  • Then the language becomes a problem again. I can't take the ENGL course. I have to take the Language Proficiency Index, a test of my English Language.
  • Applied for the LPI and bought a book to help me study. So now I have a book that looks fucking photocopied but costs about 50++ SGD. Now, I'm officially a student again and my dad expects me to take 2 hours off sit down and do the questions. Or that is what I think he expects. I'm taking 30 minutes each session to do a little of everything.
  • I also have to apply for my student visa. The student visa required a lot of things, I had to go down to Outram Park (The Cantoment Complex) to get my CNCC (Certificate of no Crimes Committed, or sth like that), of which I had to wait to receive it AGAIN. When I finally got it, I gathered the other info (results, letter of offering, passport picture) and went down to the High Comm of Canada in SG. My passport picture got rejected. Why?! Bcs I was smiling, a requirement is that my mouth is shut. So I took another one and they said I needed a guardian bcs in Vancouver/Victoria Island, the age of majority is 19, unlike SG where it is 18. So my parents had to go down to a lawyer and swear that they entrusted me to my uncle and my uncle (in Canada) also has to swear in front of the lawyers. YADA, before I can finally send my student visa application in. I just came to know that my student visa got approved. It got approved a long time ago but they couldn't contact me bcs I gave them my home telephone and I'm out of the house most of the time. Y'knw, driving, work and the rest of my time out. I'm busy okay????? HAhaahah, I'm pretty sure I gave them my handphone number too though. Anyhow, my dad is going down with a letter of authorization from me to go and collect the visa NOW. He is fuming mad because he thinks I don't care.
  • Oh yes, did I also mention I just applied for residence and new student orientation. I'm so glad that was a breeze though.
Its not all glitz and glamour going overseas to study when you have to get down and do this shit.

So, what happened was that my dad scolded me about my student visa application. He said I didn't bother, he said I didn't do my work etcetc. I am so frustrated. This is my first time applying and I'm not sure of what to do, I need guidance, not someone who screams at me each time I never do something because I forgot. Daddy's too impatient and stubborn sometimes and its not good for anybody.

Now, this is why I am so stressed out. But on the bright side, I have my beloved baby, my clique and tons of friends who are always here for me. I feel happy when I am with them and I am really gna miss them. Btw, I get over things very easily. I don't dwell and go all upset with my dad for a week or sth. Although it has happened before.

I want a candy floss machine. Random, but true. I want a candy floss machine for my farewell party PLEASE:(

I guess I am happy overall, a kai xing guo (happy go lucky?). Thank God for my friends and I know my family means the best for me. I love everybody!!!


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