Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Event: Cand's farewell party

Venue: Aloha Loyang - Garden Terrace

Time: 4 pm or later (whatever time you can make it at), I will be there earlier though at 3pm, the check-in time, if any of you guys want to meet me earlier and help out, leave me a text.

How to get there: I would advise you guys to come in groups, meet at Pasir Ris MRT. There are shuttle buses to Aloha Loyang, the pick-up point is at the taxi stand facing the main road (near the bicycle stands). The timing of the shuttle buses are as seen on this website ( , come when you are comfortable, its okay if you are coming late. The shuttle buses will take you to Aloha Loyang's main reception office. From there, look out for Garden Terrace F, ask around and walk there.

Of course you can choose to take a cab there, or get someone to drive you!

Dress code: Casual Vintage - for guys, think chino shorts and loose tanks, for girls, think floral dresses

Food and drinks: There will be some teatime snacks for those who come earlier! For dinner until late at night, there will be bbq food.

What to bring: A set or two of clothes - in case we'd be sweaty and I think there is a pool.

What we will doing: Talking, try to mix around okay?

Remember to write in the guest book
All alcohol and mixers are brought on your own accord, if it disappears its not my fault
Be friendly, take lots of pictures

Otherwise, have fun ^^ Please RSVP asap. Thanks <3

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