Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Moves like Jagger

Hello blog!

I'm updating more frequently now, if you can see^^

Last Friday, I went out with Jolene before meeting Joanne and Ian at Ikea for a catch-up session!!!!!!!!

Say HI to Awfully Chocolate, visited Celine @ work.

I look so awkward...

Artistic right, I can become a great photographer:-) But I need a DSLR, & sadly, I don't rly give no shit abt DSLRs. Unless its free. YES, SINGAPOREAN SPIRIT. TAKE ANYTHING THAT'S FREE :-)
Love this picture!!!

Jolene being herself.......
& Ian being himself.
Can't see our faces properly!!!!!!

Joanney!!! She's like always SO chill. Hahahaha!

Ignore my forehead, Ian is SUCHA sweetie!!! He's like a sister to me man, did/bought me a card. Awesome or whut!

It was a great catch up session with the Gentle Giant and Joanne-y. I miss all my friends pretty much. This just makes me wonder even more, what our friendship will become when I am in Canada.

18 more days to go. It will be 8 soon and then 8 hours and then I'm gone.

Time really flies.

Sigh, I shld be excited, but why do I feel that when I leave everything I love, including the people, will change?

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