Thursday, August 25, 2011


Dear blog,

I've neglected you these past few days:( I have an entry for you ^^

The day I went out with the awesome dancers (Y) for a picnic at Marina Barrage. They brought all the food and I didn't bring any:( It was so sweet of them to plan this picnic for me^^ Thanks guys (if you all are reading this)! I really loved the food, HY's smoked salmon sandwich was mutha' fucking good!!!

Thanks PRINCESS LISA! You satisfied my craving for Bengawan Solo's Pandan cake!!! I rly appreciate it a lot!!! And the note as well ^^

In all the pictures, all I ever do is eat...

Look who's back from China!!!


& the tall people!!!
Beloved dancers :)
Hello Dancers,

I know many of you guys will not be reading this but I would really like to thank each and everyone of you for planning this picnic :) Thanks Lisa for getting me the Pandan cake I was craving for! Thanks Grace for always talking to yourself^^ Thanks Audzwong for bringing Honey stars and pringles although I didn't eat a lot. Thanks HY for the smoked salmon sandwich with egg, ham and smoked salmon (duh...). Thanks LY for the card you gave me during my farewell chalet. Thanks Xiaoling for your potato salad!!!

I'm really thankful to have you guys around me during my dance days! And I am so glad we all are still friends ^^ Well, all the best for your future endeavors, email me often okay!!! :)

p.s. photo's stolen from Lisa's fb!


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