Thursday, August 18, 2011


My jug of rings (Y)
My first few rings: cat / random / butterflyWings
Circus rings: Magic hat / Giraffe, Random ring: Cross
New favourites: ASOS Spike / Snake bite
Kids Collection : POW / Jack union / Kitty / Doraemon / Kitty
Superheroes Collection: Transformer / Superman
Battle edition: Armour / lightening / leaf / gun
Animal Collection: Owl / Dragon / Leopard
Friends collection: peace / flower / heart / bronze heart
Flower collection: Pink / Vintage / Purple / Turquoise / Dangling purple

Exotic collection : Shield / Black enamel / Gems / Yellow
Ribbons Collection: Gold on blue base / pink on mint base
Random: Ray bans / girl / BITCH

I will be selling some of these sweethearts, if you are interested in any, pls do let me know.

Sigh I wish I didn't hv to part with them but if I don't wear them often enough some colours will run, some textures will change etc etc...

Fast fast okay, meetups mail. /


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