Saturday, October 08, 2011

Black Baker (+ my room)


I haven't visited in a long time and I feel obliged to blog... SO HERE I AM:)

We had residence decoration contest last week! The results are out an the Baker Boat got 3rd!!! Our theme was pirates (obviously...) and our lounge was decorated as a pirate ship:) I thought we did rly great bcs we had tons of stuff and we even did like a skit.

The judges were going to walk into our residence area and some tour guide went up and greet them, "Oh! Welcome to B.C. ferries! " HAHAHAHA, then Jeremy (Our CL - community leader) would appear and say, "NO!!! WE HV TAKEN OVER THE SHIP NOW. Welcome aboard the BLACK BAKER!!! ARRRRR" HAHHA

As the judges walk up the stairs, some people will pop the balloons and then Captain would say, "Oh that's nothing, we were just finishing off some of our prisoners... ARRRR"

AND when the judges and Captain Jeremy walks in.... We (the crew) would be playing cards and slacking... Then he would shout at us to get back to work. HAHAHAHA. And we just scrubbed the floors and shouted ARRRRR. It was so fun!!!

A pity we didn't win 1st place... The winner would get an XBox 360 and guitar hero for the whole building to share and play. How fucking dope is that?! We get board games I think. Not too bad though we can choose which ones^^

Anyhow, here's a look of how our lounge looks like.

Those (above) were fish tanks w/ two girls fishes btw. And some of the girls and guys even went to the beach to pick up rocks and like tree trunks. HAHAHA

Our table turned Whisky barrel!

Bombs and chocolate coins ^^

OKAY now for the more boring part of the post. MY ROOM :)

I moved the position of my bed! It used to be like this:
And now its like this:

So now I have a lot more space:)

My ever growing shoe collection! I threw away my leopard printed high cuts from Spain... They became damn smelly so... Even though it was working perfectly fine, I threw it away. The smell was rly awful:( BUT ANYWAY, My Asics arrived!!! And OLLY are you reading this?! Can you see I brought over the bed room slippers you got me from Korea!!! Loving it:)

I keep wearing my JCs and DV (Dolce Vita) heels/wedges out nowadays... I keep tripping and looking rly retarded but its all worth it.

Anyhow, you see that Gap bag there??? :) Its where all my socks are kept at. SO SMART RIGHT. I KNOW:)

Notice board!
Tons of fooooooodddddd!

Sushi, this is ttly random I bought it back for dinner... I bought it during lunch time. HAHAHA. You know sushi here rly sucks. But I just keep buying bcs I keep thinking it can only get better and whenever I eat sushi, its just so disappointing. (Except on one occasion, when we went to Sandy's place, a Jap made sushi for us!!! )
My instant refrigerator! Okay, maybe not instant but its rly good at refrigerating stuff!!! :) I can just leave my things outside and it will be cold in a while!!!

The view from my window!
My neighbors!!! :)
Starbucks in a bottle. Its cheap I think. I know Starbucks in Seattle is freaking cheap!!!

Another post in a while, keep reading!!!


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