Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I have some polaroids I have not uploaded!!!

I have no scanner here... So... If the polaroid pictures are not clear or blur and if you feel insulted, buy me a scanner. LOL.

At the airport, when my friends were sending me off!!!

So many people came!!! Ggfs, dudes, 09S22, my family & of course my boyfriend (L).

When in Victoria, I have taken some polaroid pictures!!!

Outside the Royal B.C. museum.

Boston Pizza as my birthday dinner with my dorm mates :)

Our failed party + sleepover @ Jie Lin's!!! LOL SO FUN. We were like wiggling our bodies while lying down and pretending to dance and do the body wave. LOL. Then it was knock out. KO.

Birthday high tea at The Empress!!! (LOL SO HIGH CLASS MAN) Holy crap it was good! I wna go for the curry buffet..............

In the toilet. Trying to act like the Addams family. -Fierce-

I shall blog about my birthday soon ^^ When all the pictures hv gone up on fb and I can steal them :)

Till then homies!


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