Monday, January 30, 2012

New York Visuals 4


I don't know if anybody realizes, but I've been blogging pretty regularly. HAHAHA! Actually, I'm not. This post was done about 2-3 days before it's scheduled to go up onto my blog. I decided to do a ton of posts and schedule them! Idk why I'm doing this, nobody reads this blog anyway:'(


I went to MoMA, Radio City Music hall - for Rockettes, Brooklyn Bridge and Wall Street!

MoMA first^^

There were people taking the sweets and eating them... Kids mostly, their parents were so afraid they'd get scolded by security, who turned to them and said, "Photos without flash please." Hmmm...

My favorite exhibition - the drawers (I think it was called the drawers of memories or sth...) Gorgeous ain't it?

& then it was time for Rockettes! I wish I had taken a picture of my outfit. I was wearing a white blazer over a dress + knits. This kid said I was pretty :') Highlight of the trip. x

I would say watching the Rockettes show was most unpleasant. The people were inconsiderate - nearing the end of the show, they started talking pictures w/ flash. Just imagine how irritating that was, when one started, everybody else followed suit. The people sitting in front of me kept moving and my view was blocked almost always... And lastly, the show was not for me. It would have been nice if the show had some sort of proper storyline. I guess I'm more of a musical person. The $$ I paid for this show was really not worth any part of the experience.

At night I went to Brooklyn Bridge. (I went back to my room and changed... Bcs it was too cold. HAHAHA)

& I decided to go to Wall Street very spontaneously, but couldn't find its signature bull:'(

Headed back after that. It was a pretty crazy day, I was alone the whole day as well. My friend headed to Washington D.C. I was kinda glad I actually travelled alone, it was a very new and refreshing experience:)

Abrupt end.


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