Saturday, January 28, 2012

No more snow

I wish the snow could have stayed for a while more...

I never expected to wake up to my window (and everything outside my window) looking like this. It was breathtaking. :) I really never expected Victoria to snow like that! It was gorgeous! 

HI THAT'S ME! You can't really see what I'm wearing.. HAHAHA All just a black blotch, so funnyyy. I was decking out in my Timberlands. Snow somehow managed to find its way into my shoes:( 

Bringing on some Timberland swag. 

The aftermath of wading in snow in my rainboots. I have a love hate relationship with my rainboots. They give me blisters if I don't wear the proper socks (I do actually, just that most of the times the socks slide down... ) but they have a furry lining and its super warm in them! 

So, my winter is more of less over (at least I say so). I'm looking forward to spring and definitely summer :) Can't wait. I want to go back to sg!


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