Sunday, January 22, 2012

NYC Visuals 2

Hello people,

If you read this blog, :') Cand's v touched!!! Anyway, here are the second bunch of pictures!

NYC is really pretty, I gotta say I love that city. It was really easy to communicate and people were easy to talk to - if you were bored. But then, there also were drunk people on the subways, random loud people.

There was a guy who came up to me and yelled, "Gimme money!!!" Wtf, I was scared out of my wits. Anyway, back to the pictures! Times Square!!!

These pictures were taken on Boxing day, where halfway in the middle, I went to SoHo and shop! My friend gave up shopping but I managed to dig up awesome finds!!! H&M skirt for $5, blazer for $15! And it also became the day I bought too many underwear from Victoria's Secret. Sales were really crazy!!!

Okay, so I went back to Times Square after shopping!!!

Forever 21 was lit so beautifully!!!

Sorry guys (those posing for the picture), I had no idea why they were looking at my camera!!!

Welcome to M&Ms world!!! Every kid's fantasy!

I was picking the chocolate and there was this kid taking and then pouring out those he had in his own bag. He looked at me and said, "You should throw out yours are well!!! The ones inside are wayyy bigger!!!" In my head I was "AWWWWWWW" but outside I was like, "Really???" then contemplating whether to pour the m&ms out. He went, "YEAH!!!" SO cutesy.

Anyway, I don't really fancy M&Ms or chocolate of any kind but this place is a must visit if you're here. Doesn't matter if you don't buy anything, there are too many cute stuff. 2 levels of awesomeness!!!


Mr Blue M&M rocking it out!!!

After that, it was time for our Broadway show, Mary Poppins!!!

I really enjoyed the show, but personally, I preferred Wicked!!! That show allowed me to think and relate to the original Wizard of Oz show differently. It was super awesome and the actresses and actors were really on top of their game.

Loving the bling bling signs!!!

The night scene was way nicer than what I captured... But that was Times Square people!

The next day, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MMA)! Personally, if you're a Roman and Greek student, you'll probably like this. But I preferred the Museum of Modern Art. Maybe the Medieval era art works are not for me. Hahaha!

Nonetheless, the artwork/artifacts on display were beautiful.

& dammit, my camera ran out of battery halfway through. I was upset. Very upset.

"Big Si Fat" - Cantonese for big ass, as my boyfriend would say.

Someone needs to remake these sick cuffs. 

I don't watch Gossip Girl, but here's me supposedly posing like them in front of the museum.

Yes, my feet were cold, and to make things worse, it was raining afterwards... I can't recall what I did after visiting the museum already. SIGH. Bad memory!!!

More pictures coming up soon hopefully :) & I am missing NYC now!!! :'(

That's all for this post folks, keep reading!


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