Saturday, February 04, 2012

NYC Visuals 5

I can't believe it has been slightly over a month since I went to NYC! And I'm still posting the pictures of my trip up! Hahaha, this is pretty silly! This was the day I went on a river cruise to see the statue of liberty and went for the Nutcracker at night (unfortunately no photos:( )! And on the 31st, I watched Wicked. & of course there are pictures of the countdown @ times square!

This doesn't taste as nice as it looks, but I've got to say the seafood was aplenty. Seafood > pasta. Hahaha! Bubbagum (in the next post) in NYC has better seafood/food/service/prices. And its all in the heart of NYC.

Tour at Lincoln Center.

HI, this was my outfit for the countdown ^^ & yes, but the end I was freezing. Lol I used picasa to remove some of the damn obvious blemishes. HAHHA But I only did so for this picture... Later in the other pictures you can see I still hv em. Hahahah

Supposed to meet a friend, but I reached pretty damn early, so I had a good 45 minutes to roam about. Hit Hersheys' for some souvenirs!

I'm not a fan of soft toys, but I wished I had gotten this. Too cute!

Another item I wish I had gotten, but I was considering the size and the weight. Compare it with the hoodie!!! The hoodie was a man's size M I'm guessing.

I got this cute box with kisses on the inside^^

A huge as kiss. I wish I had gotten this too. But how to carry you tell me! Maybe next time, I will know better^^


Gorgeous theatre!

The show was fucking awesome. I loved every bit of it! It is now my favorite show, on par with Lion King! (In my opinion) *Digressing: Lion King in MBS was a fucking let down. The stage was miniature and it wasn't as enjoyable as it was when I first saw it in London. Oh well, Wicked was really good, I enjoyed it a lot.

So, when I stepped out of the Gershwin theatre (Wicked's theatre), I saw this: (abv and below)

All the streets were barricaded and every street you cross there would be a policeman (or policemen) asking: Where are you going? You are allowed to go to certain places and the rest were just closed. As you can see from the picture above, I was quite far from the stage or wherever the actual countdown was. That was at 6pm. There were people who queued from 2pm! Every hour they had a countdown as well. Hahahah! The atmosphere was rly awesome, someone would suddenly cheer and try to do a wave and people would just follow. They're like oh yeah, GAME ON.

Me amidst the mess^^

Wishing I'd have gotten those blings.

People from the restaurant!

After the countdown ^^

Mexican + Indian friends! Hahaha, how interesting we can make friends just like that. Its really nice^^ Oh and you can see a bit of fireworks at the back!

The aftermath.

The NYPD were everywhere!!!!!

This guy was game enough to snap a picture with me^^

So, that's about all for my 5th visual diary of NYC. Lovely isn't it? I wished I could stay longer. I missed out on visiting certain areas, and I wished I had stayed longer in Woodbury Commons. But next time, I'll bring my parents there too^^ Or anyone who wants to go, give me a knock.

I'd be an awesome tour guide!


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