Wednesday, February 08, 2012

NYC Visuals 6 (last)

So, these are the last batch of pictures from my visual diary in NYC.

These were all taken on 1st January ^^ I went to Woodbury Commons (unfortunately I didn't take pictures there), and Ripley's Believe it or not (at night).

I was walking to the place to buy my tickets, and I saw this magic happening:

It was my very first time seeing street art like this!

First thing that came to mind, "That shit is sick."

He spray painted those images of NYC. I bought the colorful one and I can't wait to have it up in my room back in sg^^

NYPD in the middle of Times Square!

This is the bus port terminal where I took the bus to Woodbury commons - the Premium outlets. I say this again and again. I wish I had stayed longer!!!!! :( The prices were really reasonable (some may say cheap, but I'm not rich enough to say that), got my mommy a $90 Furla wallet^^ (which would normally cost $300?) Got my Timberlands at $69, and a Guess hand carry luggage. That's all I got. Now you know why I said I wished I had stayed longer. Hahaha!

I went back to NYC and had Bubba Gump for dinner^^ The best dinner throughout my whole stay! The wait was 2hours, but since I travelled alone, they said if I didn't mind I could sit at the bar. & so I did! 0 time wasting^^

So Bubba gump is famous for its shrimp, but I decided to go for the steamed shellfish set. Which was pretty much amazing. I'm a major seafood lover and that was simple but delicious. It was also reasonably priced. The portion was huge but I finished every fucking thing. HAHAHAHA. I'd take this dish on anytime.

I ended up talking to a couple who decided to sit at the bar, and a probable french guy who didn't know if the shells should be taken off a prawn. My night was fantastic.

Went back to my crib to put all the things I bought down before heading out again.

Ain't the city gorgeous?

At Ripley's!

Where I talked to a couple, who also took this picture, and the guy laughed at me because I jumped up when one of the mannequins hit its head against the wall while rotating. That was silly.

That's a bling bling Macdonalds sign. I wish SG would have this:

Bought 10 mcnuggets back to my crib for a late night snack. That was at about 130am?

Yeah, 130am in the morning, that's right. The lights are still on and the roads still busy!

Hit the very blinged up F21 for last minute shopping, where I bought summer-ish tops and a sports bra. I think they close at 2am or 3?

More street art.

And then, it was back to my crib again.

I really enjoyed NYC a lot. I wonder where my next vacation would take me.

I should be hitting the streets of Hong Kong in May and possibly Bangkok?

Let's see where the wind takes me.

Stay safe, x

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