Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vanc Day 1

I haven't blogged in so long and I feel so obliged to!!! I guess that's what happens when I go away!

So, last weekend (actually 3 days ago), I came back from Vancouver! It was the start of my spring break and I went over for a short weekend trip. It feels so nice because its as if I were really traveling to another country. Yes, I am delusional... 

It was so nice being back in the city again after staying in a very quiet Victoria for so long. 

We did some shopping and ate A LOT of good food. My tummy is still satisfied ^^ I finally gotten over my Korean food cravings. HMMMMM, I want more... 

"Where is my food???"

After this, we went shopping! I should have taken pictures of Robson Street...

& we went to eat again! Crepe this time! Vancouver actually has really awesome crepes, & I had the nutella and banana one! I tell you, nutella goes so well with banana. Banana and chocolate = best combination EVER.

Blog, meet Jin & Ji Hyun^^ My Korean friends from UVic! I wish I could speak Korean, would be so fun!

These are Jihyun's, I didn't bring my polaroid:'(

Went to walk around more, before we get more food again. Hahaha!

My life pretty much revolves around food.

I love strawberries & bananas dipped in chocolate. I never really like chocolate, but strawberries/bananas with chocolate...

Okay, so that was a very food-y post!!! I will blog more^^ My next post with probably be about my fashion cheap trick. I want to join Solestruck's Cheap Monday giveaway contest, but I guess I'm kinda lazy, so, I'll just do it here. I actually can't wait to get to blogging about it ^^

Anyway, for everybody with an iphone & the instagram app, I have instagram now!!! Follow me: cutheties

Stay safe, x