Friday, February 17, 2012

Vanc day 2

So, here's the other entry on my Vancouver weekend trip!!! Day 2^^

I was thinking of transferring to SFU, so we decided to check out the SFU campus! Its was so huge, but not as pretty as UVic. Here's my dilemma: I think UVic is a better place to study at, finding an internship is also going to be easier as there are lesser students here = less competitive. However, SFU is in Vancouver and my brother will be there in slightly over a year. My uncle is also there, plus it is a freaking city. UVic is all nature and Vancouver island has nothing...Other then the Butchart Gardens.


Okay, so at night, we got kinda lost having to find this place, Honey's Chicken, which was in Coquitlam. IDK HOW WE GOT THERE. We walked around and around, found out that Google maps isn't very trustworthy, and that having a car would be such a convenience.

DAMMIT, I AM HUNGRY AGAIN!!! -eats hugeass rice krispy bar-

& after that, we went next door (how convenient) for a short (Like srsly, 30 mins) Karaoke session!!! I tried singing Korean songs, but failed...terribly. Except at the English bits. Hahahahaha

It will be Saturday soon... And reading break will be over. SIGH. So much work to do!!! I gotta stop complaining and suck it up!!! How did your weekend go?

Stay safe, x

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