Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm stoked/excited about:
  1. For the last exam on the 21st to be done!!! 2 more days to go and I will be as free as a bird (not literally, duh). I've a couple of dates with my Japanese friends at hand and I'm feeling pretty bitter-sweet because while I am excited to meet them, it will probably be the last time I will ever be meeting them since they were on exchange and are going home :( But nevertheless, the end of finals mark a very happy period for me^^
  2. Hong Kong with my family ^^ - Think late night markets with loads of shopping and street food (!!!!!) , eggy tarts, shopping, Macau, Monki, and tons of dim sum!!! I haven't been to HK for a proper trip since primary school? Since I flew CX, I stopped over in HK before reaching Vanc. We had 8 hours? So we went out to nomzzz on good food before flying off. This time, I am going to be able to take tons of pictures, shop like crazy (Maybe? Maybe not?), eat loads of good food, buy a ton of iphone covers (I don't like my iphone but it's time I pimped it up). My main focus of the trip? Food of course! I am ready to stuff myself!!! Bring it on! Doesn't this already sound amazing?!?! I am double the times as hyped as I sound!!! My mommy, daddy, and little (well not really) brother will be there. I've missed them tons:') I can't wait to quarrel with my brother ^^
  3. Singapore. YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS. I WILL BE HOME BITCHES!!! And I will eat all the good food, everything I've missed out on these past few months. BonChon chicken is the number 2 on my list. What's number 1? Really??? Asih's cooking!!! Cereal prawns, black pepper chicken, rojak, satay, curry, hokkien mee, laksa, etc. You name it, she can cook it. (FML I'm taking a break from studying as I am typing this entry up. I haven't eaten anything for the whole day and now I'm crazy hungry...) People always ask me what is a typical Singaporean dish like? HOW TO EXPLAIN. COME HERE I FEED YOU. Hahaha, don't believe really cannot explain right? Explain Rojak, Laksa, and char kuay tiao. Ok go! Ok cannot right?! Exactly my point. Okay, so in Singapore, I am going to go to places I've missed, eat food I've missed, and eat even more. #yesfoodismyguiltypleasure
  4. Batam with my GGFs - We always have REALLY short trips to places nearby which are relatively easy to travel to. The last time it was Genting Highlands in Malaysia, and now, Batam! We need a trip which involves air transportation soon my dear girls! Regardless, I am still stoked about the trip. It is going to be CRAZY!!! I miss my girlfriends and I can't wait to see (and make fun of) all of them! I've never been to Batam, so I really don't know what to expect at all! I can only hope for the best now, and wish that the agency planning the trip will be able to give us a proper email and confirmation soon. I hope everything will go smoothly!!! Actually, I can't care less about where we are going (the touring bit), I'm just looking forward to hanging out with my favorite girls!!! Oh yeah, besides that, they're gonna feed us a huge seafood lunch. #okcan #foodagain Can't wait!!!
  5. Bangkok with Wenrong and Ling Ying!!! - My last trip with a friend to NYC wasn't that pleasant because I was traveling alone for most of the trip. It was a certainly a great experience, and I now know that I am more independent, but I really wished I had someone I knew to hang out with me and do stuff I want to do together. And this May, genie decided to grant me my wish!!! I am going to pack my two cutie pies with me, and we are heading to the shopping/tourist heaven, Bangkok!!! The most amazing thing about this trip is that I actually really REALLY love the people I am traveling with (this actually matters a whole lot!) ^^ And they don't mind visiting the tourist areas and actually going to the places I want to go to! 6 long (perhaps it might end up becoming too short) nights in Thailand. Just think about it. Me with two cuties, long trip, shopping, food, pictures, tourists... Enjoying life a little too much??? Guilty as charged. 
  6. Meeting my crazy ass friends! Dancers, JC classmates, lovely people from secondary schl, and all my other people from everywhere :') I am so stoked!!! EVERYONE WAIT FOR ME OK DON'T DISAPPEAR. (There are also people I don't want to meet!!! I'm gna send you a message telepathically, so stay out of my sight ok? ) Can't wait to meet everybody! HEH^^
  7. Meeting and going on dates with LZY. How can I forget Zhengyu??? Am going to meet up with him and drag him everywhere ^^ He has to eat what I want to eat, go to places I want to go to, do things I wna do!!! I sound like I am bullying him:'( But I won't okay! I miss my boyfriend! -cries- We are going to hold hands and go visit crazy places, eat a ton of good food, go hunting for cheap clothes, and watch a whole lot of movies!!! We'll have fun (or we might just become very very full from all the food I intend to eat) ^^ I AM HELLA EXCITED RIGHT NOW!!! CAN'T WAIT TO BE BACK!!! 

That's a relatively short list, but expanding on the points somehow made it into a hell long one! Besides that, this list has rendered me crazy excited about the month of May. And here I am, with my books around me, going like...May? Are you there? Why aren't you here yet?!

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