Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fukuichi @ Triple One

So, on National Day, I went out for lunch with my friends at Fukuichi! Fukuichi was an amazing Japanese Diner in Triple One Somerset, opposite 313. Okay, cut the crap, picture time!

Kani Tofu - a tofu dish with century egg and something else. It was gooooooood. I was a little skeptical about this dish initially, but when I put it in my mouth... This is a mini bowl of amazingness.

Have no idea what this dish was called! It was a platter of raw seafood - Tuna, sashimi, prawns. As you can see, only the prawn (so sad hahaha)... Bcs we freaking ate everything else before I remembered to take a picture!!! Honestly, I have never liked sashimi. But the sashimi on that platter was freaking fresh and it just like melts in your mouth. :''') I would totally just cry on the spot. I love good food ^^

Shiro Maguro Maki. Honestly, I can't remember the name of this dish, so I searched on hungrygowhere (a Singaporean food review site). I saw pictures of this glorious dish of sushi taken by other people. I swear I have never seen uglier pictures taken of such an artistic creation before. They were just darkish and totally did not do justice to the food. 

At least I brought justice to the sushi. I think...?

Just put the damn thing into your mouth. I swear I loved it. 

Beef with foie gras sauce. :'''''''''''''') Oh stop it already. 

The most disappointing part of our meal I think was the dessert. It was apple gelato made into a form of an apple, with a chocolate center. The idea sounded amazing, but I think the taste was a little bland... Hmm.

Le sake bar (I believe)

And the two gorgeous ladies I went to eat at Fukuichi with. My workmates, and they are also smartasses. PJ / RJ / NJ... -burrows into a rabbit hole- 

It's interesting how I keep looking at the food now that I am in Canada. I am sososo missing Asian food, and I totally want to eat all that sushi and everything else now. I will return to Fukuichi. And someone's gna get dragged along. Heh.


P.S. Am watching Hell's Kitchen now, and I absolutely loves it when Gordon Ramsay starts going absolutely ballistic. Hahhaha "FUCK ME." "Hey come here you fat cow!" "Now fuck off for me, will you?!" "It's raw, it's fucking RAW!!!" "Shut the fuck up will you?!" "I am going to stuff that fucking pumpkin up your arse! Now, would you like it whole or diced?!"

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