Monday, February 28, 2011

5 random things I miss

1. Being able to eat properly
I hate how my throat is reacting to every single thing it has to swallow, and that includes my saliva. It is so irritating, there's phlegm in there which just refuses to come out. And I'm here coughing like an idiot thinking, wtf, get out alrdy. :-( I hate being sick, really:-(

2. Going to Crystal Jade for dinner w/ my family.
My daddy used to bring us out for dinner, well about once in a fortnight? Thn it gradually became lesser and lesser and now we don't eat dinner together anymore. Literally. Every single day either my brother's not there, my mom's at work or I'm out. Although family mealtimes aren't exactly very happy or aren't always pleasant, I do like them.

3. My long hair...
It was really messy but...embrace messy hair man! Short hair is definitely easier to maintain though. Long hair is such a big fuss!!! Despite that, I really would like my long hair back!!! Please keep growing hair!!! :-) my hair's naturally curly so it just grows out and into its own ways. Most of the time I look so messy thanks to my hair. People hv asked me if I permed my hair before as well... Idk if tht's a compliment... Hahaha! It took me a really long time to grow such long hair. And its not considered LONG long hair! Whatever.

4. Good sleep w/ good dreams (or no dreams would be fine too)
I've been having bad dreams, weird dreams, sad dreams. Mostly really weird like zy running away w/ another girl who's like my friend, getting so many fucking Ds for my As, being harassed by a stranger on the bus and everyone just ignored me, etc. Some leave me crying (I can't remember why either). All I want is my peaceful night sleep back. A good dream would be a bonus? :-)

5. LZY.
Duh. How can I not miss him? :-( that boy is stuck in army!!! He took care of me when I fell ill<3 wht's nt to love abt this boy? :-) I wait for your call every night dude, you gta hurry finish your stuff so you can call me!!! Miss him everyday he's not w/ me:-( mushy, ewwy, gooey, but true. 2020!!! Our plan baby!

P.S. Natalie Portman won best actress @ the Oscars for Black Swan. Given that role, playing it so well, she deserved her win!!! I'm a new fan! (Only became one after black swan... That show was ridiculously good. I can't stop complementing it!)

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