Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Ever since I fell ill, I've been rotting at home. I should totally be out celebrating my last few days before doomsday (friday: A level results! GAH IKR). Since I couldn't and my dad wouldn't let me go out, I decided to pack my Polaroids. Why so random!? Bcs I bought a new album!!! :-D All thanks to LZY la he found it for me:-D

For starters, I took all the polaroids out before slotting them into their new home. Aiya, I tried to be artsy thus the pictures...

I even bothered to categorise them...

Top: (L to R) ZY, 09S22, GGFs

Middle: (L to R) Family, dancers, YZ and WR, Waste of film (N)

Bottom: Misc, E2/3, Trojans

My pretty polaroid albums that I decorated myself. Really plain but I like:-) Beats those selling at blogshops for 598798489749bux...

I'm stuck on the TV otherwise. And I need to drink a lot of water otherwise my throat will hurt and I will DIE. I miss my botak army boy.


P.S. One of them is from Daiso (Y)

P.P.S. The other is from popular less than 5bux

P.P.P.S.I am so good at saving money nowadays.

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