Sunday, March 06, 2011

The King's Speech

What I did over the weekends:
  • caught The King's Speech (finally)
  • Ate Pontian noodles
  • zy stayed over
  • made sandwiches for our mini picnic
  • Went to Marina barrage to fly Doraemon
  • Steamboat w/ ggfs

Highly recommended, but you gta understand what they are talking about otherwise you wouldn't enjoy it. I sat beside this fucking girl who kept laughing at everything. Its NOT like there was a joke or what, but she just kept laughing. So fucking fake, as if she's trying to act like she knew everything they were talking about. Who doesn't la, you stupid low life bitch. Her laughter was so irritating. She was even laughing when there were serious scenes. Better pray you don't watch a movie w/ her if not it will be disrupted terribly. :-(

More pictures of Marina Barrage and steamboat w/ ggfs next time!!! I'm off to PJC for some uni stuff! CYA WENRONG!!!


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