Monday, March 07, 2011

You got a tan

& I got a sunburn.

Fruits + sandwiches + water. All hand-made by me okay \m/
Lunch - Hokkien mee by Asih the pro. I gta ask her to teach me how to cook someday... Otherwise, I'd die when I'm overseas.
Then we grabbed our belongings, food and doraemon kite & left for Marina Barrage!
Jeans is definitely the wrong choice of clothe for a Marina Barrage trip...
I bet you want those sandwiches now. But the taste > the look.
A change of Doctor Denims into way more comfortable P.E. shorts:-D
We were trying to act all tourist-y and even visited the information section. (& sent ourselves a picture of a photo taken w/ the machine)

Some random bridge we decided not to cross. It was bloody hot and I was bloody tired!!! And you could see I was so sunburnt by the second last picture. My skin is really sensitive. Now I hv ugly tan lines on my arms and my back hurts x8619285439 :-( Met my ggfs at night, but that will be in another post I guess.

Job hunting w/ Jolene tmr at FEP. I need a freaking job la.

Otherwise, LZY IF YOU ARE READING THIS, LETS GO TO MARINA BARRAGE AGAIN NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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