Saturday, April 02, 2011

Boon Lay Market

Hello people, This post was an outing w/ my ggfs to Boon Lay to book out Genting trip^^ Inclusive of food @ Boon Lay Market, Jurong Point's Coffee Bean and loadsa camwhoring. (Its kinda to make up for the mini hiatus!) You know you love us! Our Da Jie so cute right. Cannot tahan!!! I'm actually a little more excited than I was before for my genting trip!!! Its gna be my first ever trip out of Singapore w/o my parents. I've been to many places (Ya let me show off k) before but my dad would always be around to settle stuff and I don't have to worry about anything. He prints maps, settles the boarding passes/check-ins, departure/landing cards, etc. & I have nothing left to do. Thanks dad. Although this trip might seem small to many people, (like wtf its only Genting...) but to me its kinda like my first independent trip outside Singapore (Even if all we gta do is hop on the coach). This is gna kick start many more years of flying/travelling when I start studying in Canada. So, Genting people here I come!

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