Sunday, April 03, 2011


Greetings fellow earthlings!!!

It was a day out w/ lzy on Saturday, supposedly to celebrate our 11th mth. Anyhow, it was quite a weird day, by weird I mean a little screwed up. Bcs in the mrng zy didn't know if his family were having lunch outside to celebrate his brother's bday. Happy belated lzyang! (although I don't know you)

Anyhow, he went for his lunch in the end and we ended up at Suntec after that. I bought kettle chips and strawberries and zy got his milk. Hahaha!

Off to Cine and we watched Hop! Omg the plot is rly quite nonsensical but Hebe (Idk his name) is JUST SO CUTE!!! And the chicks. Omg the dancing one!!! SO CUTEEE! Easter bunnies! If you have caught all the movies you wanted to, you can watch this. But srsly, if you are v much of a critique and don't like cartoons, head the other direction.

No he didn't get his tan from fabulous tan. HAHAHAAH Army gave him his tan! IPPT COMMANDO GOLD SIA. HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA. My boyfriend so pro okay!!! Yours got ippt commando gold meh?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, okay lzy's so gna kill me.

Bought mcchicken burgas!!! I want the pikachu. SO CUTE! (omg I'm starting to sound like a bimbo...)

Ghost Town... No la! (Next pic's many cars)

Couple pants! Topman / Topshop! Awesome right!!!

Check out our bling!!!

Scammed by the Orchard Road Vendors but... Look what we hungr-ah people had for supper!!! & I wish I have a bowl of LAKSA NOW!!!!!

All I ever talk abt is food... Even almost all my posts have 'food' as a label... Hmmm looks like "Diet starts tmr" to me.


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