Saturday, April 09, 2011

Genting (I)

I decided to split the Genting post into 3 parts, otherwise it will seem rly draggy and my blog's gna hang your computer with overload of pictures. Warning / disclaimer:

  1. This post may consist of too many pictures for your computer to take.

  2. My ggfs and I are camwhoring queens, there will be more photos of our closed up faces than the scenery @ genting. Don't judge.
We stayed over @ Yulenda's crib, before we went over to Boon Lay Shopping centre for Breakfast. We had Dim Sum, bought some sweets, a bottle of water and we were all ready to go. (Y)

We took a coach there, took about 6 hrs there. The bus driver was rly fast and rly nice. Both of them. Not like those who drove us back to Singapore. Super hate those who drove us back to SG. Anyway, the people on the bus behind us, were nice too. Not like those we sat w/ on the way back. HAAHAHA Or is it just us??? A couple of stops, had some cup corn. Here's Jolene sleeping rly unglam-ly. Then we reached, checked-in, blah, blah, blah. Found out there was no A&W, fussed about it, thn sat down at Kenny Rogers for lunch-dinner. Rly cheap + rly good. Better than SG's, cheaper than SG's. Some toilet cam-whoring. So secondary school... Buying tix for the indoor theme park. (liddat also must camwhore Ikr...) Off we went on the rides!!! That was about half of the first day, so, till the next post!!! ;)


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