Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WW: Practicality VS dreams

I think I shall hv a section called: wordy wednesday (WW). And every wednesday whether you like it or not I would select a topic I like and write a lengthy, wordy post! Starting today!!!

Practicality VS dreams.

What would you pick?
(In this case, I'm talking about jobs. )

1) Would you do something for life that is mundane/totally doesn't interest you at all but your parents approve of it, you earn loads of money and you're actually kinda good at it?


2) Would you risk it and do something you love/totally passionate about it but you'll never get your parents approval, you may not earn and you may not be good at it?

When you're at your crossroads after Junior College (or after O levels and you wna enter a poly), you'll have to decide where you want to go, what you want to take and what you want to be in the future. I guess many of us choose blindly, thinking that program A is the best when program B is more suited to you.

How would one know how to choose? From what I know, or what I would do rather, is answer these 3 questions:

1. Is it something you like?
2. Would it give you a comfortable life?
3. Will daddy approve of this course?

I guess I have been neglecting the first question. Accounting has always been my 'dream', ever since secondary 2. I was bent on becoming an accountant but I've never asked myself why. Until recently, while I was doing one of the Canadian universities' supplemental application which asked why I wanted to enter the course I chose. I thought hard and deep, wondered and wondered. I probably typed in something totally fake and made up. I wanted to sound interested in the course bcs I still wanted to enter it. But I couldn't find the real answer, I didn't know why I wanted to learn accountancy, besides the fact that I would get good $$ and my dad would approve of it.

What I really want is to be a fashion designer. (I KNOW RIGHT. WTF.) Then there's another dream of me becoming an architect. And another one becoming an interior designer. Yet another one of me being a furniture designer. I also wna be a businesswoman.

I want to design. Be it designing dresses, designing furnitures, designing houses, designing rooms. I love the idea of design and creating my own brand. I truly respect the experts.

Should I keep my dreams alive?


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Disclaimer: I'm talking abt MY life, don't compare it to yours.
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