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WW: W.O.R.D.

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Ever come across someone w/ bad grammar, terrible spelling and absolutely NO understanding at all of English words? Here are my list of top ten words that are so widely used/spelt wrongly to me.

This is more of an informative session. Some words are rly interesting and you'd never think you've used them wrongly. I confess to using those w/ an *asterisk wrongly before.

1) A lot / Alot (wrong)
Problem: misspelled
No such spelling / word as alot. A lot is spelt separately.
Correct usage: There are a lot of people queueing up for a free goodie bag.

2. You're / your
Problem: misused
You're is a short form for you are. Your represents something that is yours. You're is not equivalent to your.
Correct usage: You're so cute just like my favourite cartoon doraemon:-) Is that your new bag?

Same for the next few:
They're / their
he's / his
Who's / whose

3. sepArate / sepErate (wrong)
Problem: misspelled
Opposite of together.
Please separate the different coloured pens into different pencil cases!

4. *DefinItely/definAtely (wrong)
Problem: misspelled
Very certainly.
This is definitely better than drinking Tequila shots!

5. *All right / alright (wrong)
Problem: misspelled
All right means that you're fine/okay. There is no such word as alright. (I didn't know!!! I'm a huge offender of this one!)
Correct usage: You don't have to worry about me, I'm all right!

6. ThAn / thEn
Problem: misused
Than (with the A) is used in comparison while then (with the E) means thereafter. (Primary schl taught this, those who don't know, go back t primary schl. This is vvvvvvvvv misued:'-( even I feel sad.)
Correct usage: Isabel is better thAn I am in taking care of people as she she a nurse. I am visiting my junior college then going down town.

7. ComplIment / complEment
Problem: misused
Compliment (with an i) is used to praise others while complement (with an e) is something that supplements something else.
Correct usage: Thank you for your compliment! I'm flattered. I think popcorn complements movies very well;-) P.S. I love my popcorn sweet and salty mixed xx:-)

8. ***Hopefully (this word is used wrongly by so many people including me nobody knows how to use it correctly anymore)
Problem: misused
Hopefully means with hope. It is supposed to be used to describe the way someone acts/spoke/appeared.
Wrong usage: Hopefully, it will rain tonight. (What it should be: I hope it will rain tonight. )
Correct usage: 'He likes me', she thought hopefully.

9. *Criteria / criterion
Problem: misused
Criteria is plural and criterion is singular. Correct usage: You have to meet the criteria which consists of: patience, good personality and experience before you can apply for this job. The only criterion you need to meet for this job is your age.

10. *Historic / historical
Problem: misused
Historic is an important event while historical is something that happened in the past.
Correct usage: That was a historic fashion show for the designers. I'm not interested in the historical details about how the dinosaurs became extinct.

Okay let's all type better English nao:-) oops I mean now.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying my English is perfect. And I do commit these mistake. Actually I speak/use Singlish most of the times. I just hope people will learn how to use their words carefully next time. Especially in formal situations.

Credits / more words: http://www.copyblogger.com/commonly-misused-words/


P.S. Can't get the who vs whom on the page. Any smart alec wna explain it to me? :-)
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