Sunday, April 17, 2011

To Do, To Buy, To Go, To Eat

My baby went back to camp after his block leave today. He'll be out on Thursday? Friday? Missing him and can't wait to see him alrdy!

Anyway, thanks to my BOREDOM, I did 4 lists.

4 major lists: To do, buy, go and EAT.

1. Get a fucking job. Jolene's going back to RE so I'm counting on her! ;) You hear me girl? :-)
2. Get myself into a ballet class w/ @lisamargaretna. HAHAHA! I rly gotta get back to dancing. I rly miss dance. A lot...
3. Meet up w/ Miao & ganggggg!
4. Watch the whole PCK series on xinmsn. HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAAH.
5. Decide on a venue for my mini getaway / farewell. Before I go to Canada!
6. Complete driving + hit the roads before I go to Canada:-)
7. Start learning how to design. I wish I went to La Selle. Or NAFA or SOTA... PJC. Why did I choose you?!

1. Shoes from Newlook. Some shoes are absolutely AWESOME. Esp the one I saw whn I was at Suntec today, and the brogues. Fuck the brogues. They're awesome.
2. Shoes yet again, from Doc. Martins. I've said this since forever... Am talking to Char about getting Doc. Marts nao... All the colours and designs of the shoes. HMMM Tough call.
3. Solestruck: Jeffrey Campbell, Ego & greed, Dolce Vita. Need I say more?
4. Topshop! Just a visit w/ my mom and I may come out w/ something...
5. E.L.F. Make up via online spree. Its. Freaking. Cheap. But I'm DEAD broke:-( Which brings me back to TO DO item 1.

1. Hong Kong. BABY WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HK I WNA GO TO HK W/ YOU. YOUR CANTONESE IS AWESOME. So suave when you speak canto... I'm in love (L).
2. London, oh London. My favourite city in the world... But in Summer please:D
3. USS / Sentosa. I want a tan, and I want to sit roller coasters!!! 2 in one. muahahaha! I'm a daredevil nao! Should hv sat the corkscrew in Genting twice. Upside down twice but FREAKING FUN!!!
4. Henderson Wave. I live so nearby but I've never actually been there? Not even once...
5. JB. Johor Bahru, not Justin Bieber's concert... HAHAHAH, interesting fact: I. HAVE. NEVER. BEEN. TO. JB. (I went on my first official/proper Genting trip this year... I'm a noobiez with Malaysia.)
6. Egypt. Yeah, I wna see the pyramids. :D

1. Manhatten Fish Market
2. Astons (AGAIN) I went there today, the beach road outlet. Service was kinda crappy BUT awesome food at awesome prices.
4. Haagen Dazs
5. Gelare - on tuesdays anyone? waffle tuesdays!
6. Annuar (some indo restaurant) I want some TAUHU TELOH NAO!!!
7. Simpang ( heard this from many places, and I know its in Tanah Merah or sth like tht...)
8. Boon Lay Market zi char - cheap and fucking good food.
9. Mos Unagi rice burger. I haven't eaten my favourite burga in ages... Omg those mugging times.
10. Timbre. I have never been there, so I never understood all the rave about it. Pizzas and beer, someone? Anyone?

Actually, just think about it. If I had money I would be able to get all of these done within a few months. I wish my parents left the silverbronze spoon in my mouth. HAHAHAHA Not rich, but enough to get along. WHY my parents no gimme pocket $$ any more:-(

OKAY DIGRESS. I recently went to stalk someone on fb (YA OKAY I'M A STALKER BUT FB IS A STALKING PLATFORM I'M SORRY) and I swear I'm so jealous of her. The perfect skin, height, figure, back (I have back acne problems, rly sucks). PLUS she's smart, rich and knows how to dress. With that figure of her's I'm pretty sure almost any dress can fit her... I'm always trying to accept myself. Short, slightly big bottom. Okay, not slightly, fucking big SIFAT (butt), not smart and all but still WHY is God so unfair?! She seems like a rly nice person too... Maybe something is imperfect somewhere, just that I can't find where. OKAY NO LOW SELF ESTEEM CAND. :-)

OKAY enough crap, I needa thank mr LZY:-) Hello, dude!!! -waves- You've been rly awesome this whole time. Thanks for sticking by me:-) Our 1 year's coming! But we may hv to spend it w/ me RLY broke:-( I love spending times with you. Good and bad ones. (L) hehehe many more adventures with you, bbb*!!!!!! -FLYING KISSES-

* bbg = baby girl. bbb= baby boy? No? HAHHAAHAHAHA


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