Monday, May 09, 2011

1 year

Hey hey hey!!! :-)
The Lzycsxwgmttmftw couple just turned 1 a few days ago:')
So here's a lot of pictures since when I had long hair... I want my hair back now!!! Anyway that's not the point. Let's start our journey wayyyyy back in year 1 when he first spoke to me. HAHAHAHA I REMEMBER K:-)

ZY: EH CANDICE You also live in BM uh?! -enthu-
Me: Er.. ya, how'd you know?! (Thinking to myself, wtf stalker uh?!)
ZY: there!!! -shows me class list w/ our address and all-

Now I'm rly happy we stay so nearby lor!!! Leave house 15 minutes later cn walk to his hse downstairs alrdy.

Project Agape!!! This was before we got together:-)

He came to support me during Masquerade, this photo got so many likes!!! hahahaha, I was so paiseh back then!!!

First month, failed:-( Sentosa was raining man!!! Nevertheless, it was still fun w/ lzy there!

National day. Look at Mr Blur beside us... HAHAHA

After prelims!!! SHIOK!!!

At Crystal Jade Dim Sum place. THE FOOD SUCKED:-( What's happening crystal jade??? & Flyer later on!

OMG LET'S GET A CAR. Then everything would be sooooo fucking convenient!!! This was new year celebration!!!

On a random bus:-)

After the King's Speech!
On another random bus! Kite flying @ Marina Barrage:-)
After a movie @ The Cathay.
Earth hour day!!! Bullying in action:-( Korean food then durian thereafter! Awesome! Botanics. Zy's all, "oh you're such a camwhore..... I'm bored". & there I am, "COME ON LET'S POSE!!! Funny face!"
ZOOOOOO!!!!! So many freaking animals lor. V cute! Hahahahaha! :-)
Lion King @ MBS!
Random stayover. My eyebags, decolourised skin, small eyes, chubby cheeks, non-existent eyebrows. FUCK.
So, where did we go to on our 1st year? Fucking regret I didn't bring my camera out:-( Zy planned EVERYTHING. -credit for you baby!!!- We went to the Istana, had ribs @ Cafe Cartel before going to ice-skate! :-) After that it was dinner at the restaurent we went to for our first date!

& he got this for me. Yay!

Okay hi baby I think you'll be reading this on erm, friday? I just wanted to let you know that weeeeeeellllllll....... I love you!!!! :-) And you're awesome! And you know what, I rly appreciated what you did for me that day and I enjoyed myself thoroughly, please believe me:-( Love the necklace, love you! THIS BLOG POST IS FOR YA SWEETS:-)



  1. Anonymous10:59 pm

    Hi candice you two so so sweet on your first year make me go awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ;) guess who am i hehe

  2. Ni shi sui??? Hahahah!