Friday, May 06, 2011


Just in time for polling day:-)

This is the first time I've got so interested in politics and it has created quite a rave bcs this year bcs of the strong opposition parties. WP and NSP. We watch the tv, we watch the news, we see people unworthy to take a place in the government speak during a rally w/ broken English, making empty promises, saying stupid things that don't make sense. Rallies this year see many people attending them and cheering on their favourite party.

Anyway, I'm more leaned towards the PAP side, but also kinda neutral. If I were to vote this year, I would go and see wht the PAP has to offer and wht the NSP(my area, radin mas) has to offfer and weigh them both out equally. I think a lot of people have alrdy made their choices, even before the rallies started. I heard something from a customer today and I thought to myself, woa, so true.

This was what he said: "You know, its not the PAP vs the WP/NSP. Its the PAP vs the people who hate the current PAP government. Look at Aljunied, its not that George Yeo isn't good at his job, its the people who want to vote him out bcs they are so biased towards the PAP. " (Not word by word but sth like this)

Unfortunately I do know of people who are so biased against PAP and its so sad to see them so ungrateful to the group of politicians who grew up with us, from a fishing village to a world class city, who gave us compulsory education, who kept the taxes low(except for cigs and alcohol, both for obvious reasons). I can just go on man.

Although I support the PAP, I feel that they are slightly arrogant. Ultimately, we want people to speak up for us in the parliament, so no harm voting for the opposition, IF and ONLY IF, they have a set of better plans as compared to the PAP. If their plans are like, "oh, we're not too sure abt that, we'll just do wht the PAP is doing now!". Thn WHY DA FUCK do you still intend to vote for them?

What I'm saying is, vote wisely.

If you think the WP/NSP has a better 5year plan, vote for them. If you vote for any party just bcs you hate the other party, use your brain. You wna entrust your beautiful, green city with exceptional safety to the hands of someone with no proper plans thn WHT THE FUCK to you.

Vote wisely. We're deciding our future.


P.S. Other places have a 20% VAT. Compare SG w/ them, not a japalang country w/ no electricity in certain areas.
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