Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 18-21

Day 18: Disrespecting Parents
There is a quote, I forgot by who or if this is the exact words from the quote but here it is. "If a child is embarrassed by his parents, he has not lived long enough." When I was younger I was shy with people about my parents, but now I am not, I respect them for who they are and I know that although they scold me or nag at me, its for me! I love my parents very, very much. I'm a very lucky girl and I would not exchange the life I have now for any other person's life.

Day 19: Something that never fails to make you feel better
Food. Here's my list of comfort food (Ok maybe a drink) : Candy Floss, popcorn, ice cream, floats, bonchon chicken;) Food always makes me feel better! :)

Day 20: The last argument you had
Was with my boyfriend:-( But I love my boyfriend anyway:D We argue quite often I guess but we always hold on to each other. Die also don't wna let him go. Heheheheheh. You can't escape me babyxzxz ;)

Day 21: Something you can't seem to get over
Erm, I really can't think of this. Maybe, I just can't seem to get over how I can't lose weight and how I don't have that determination to have a regular exercise regime. Not that I don't plan but I have tons of excuses for myself. I just gta get this in my head: Pain is weakness leaving the body. Gotta get back to gymming on a regular basis, running and lifting some weights, I need my fats (aka my weakness) to leave.

P.S. I can't diet bcs I love food too much and then again no determination. But maybe I shall have porridge for lunch:)


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