Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hello earthlings, how has the week coming along for you guys? :-) Mine's pretty boring so far, but an update on my life which is basically almost entirely focused on driving:
  • I passed my FTT!
  • I just came back from my third driving lesson!
  • I still go to work everyday like a zombie and late... Need to get rid of my bad habit!!!
I kinda miss the days I don't have to work and all I do is blog and get on the computer all day long. That was life! I have so many things I wna do but... I never have enough time (or money) to get them done. Let's do a list now!

  1. Go to USS
  2. International buffet @ Raffles Place Shopping Centre^^
  3. Buy a Guest Book for my farewell party
  4. Shopping for more wardrobe essentials: Maxi dress, red shorts, red/mustard blazer
  5. Traveller's handbag
  6. Blog outfit posts (I always fail at this one...)
  7. Bintan trip to be confirmed!!!
  8. Buy loadsa tidbits for Bintan
  9. Set up a blogshop selling shredded shirts and studded shorts
I'll just leave it at 9 first, I can't think of any more...

Have a great week ahead!


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