Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 22 and 23

Day 22: 10 things from people you don't really expect

I don't expect them to:
  1. understand me
  2. like me
  3. be gracious
  4. know what I am thinking about, this includes people I know
  5. fly over to Canada to visit me when I'm there:-(
  6. accept me for who I am
  7. like my dress sense
  8. and I can't think of any more
  9. yes I still can't think
  10. Really cannot think of any more.
Day 23: Something you always think "what if" about

What if I had aced my O Levels. Seriously! I would definitely be in a JC, but maybe not PJC. Everything would be so different. The people I know, the people I love, the surroundings, the teachers, the studying environment! Maybe I would have been more focused on my studies, or maybe I'd be too complacent bcs my O Level results were good. Idk what I'd become, but I'd definitely not be where I am now...

7 more days to the end... How time flies. Slightly less than 2 months before I fly... Very soon it'd be less than a month and then, within days, within hours and I'd be in Canada.

I know I shld be embracing life right now, but I am not... I'm not very excited, I'm so afraid, I'm so worried, I'm sad, and before I know it, everything is just gna come crashing and too fast for me to catch up.

So gna miss Singapore!


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